Practice Areas


Effective and informed corporate counsel is essential for any business, large or small. At Kaplowitz Firm, we focus on the intersection of regulatory and commercial issues—areas that can have a big effect on your bottom line and your company’s growth.

We are experts in corporate structures and governance, and we have years of experience guiding our clients through the complexities of liability, ownership and the rights and responsibilities of different stakeholders. No matter what your business goals are, we can help you avoid pitfalls and make the most of commercial opportunities.


For startups and established businesses alike, nothing is more valuable than your intellectual property. We recognize how important your ideas and inventions are and, with our guidance on copyright, licensing and trademark law, we can help you protect and monetize them.

Our team of seasoned legal experts has years of experience advising and advocating for clients across industries, including technology, marketing and software applications and global creative fields like film, media, art and design. From registering copyrights to negotiating licensing agreements, we’ll ensure that your work is represented fairly and that you’re compensated for your ideas.


When commercial agreements and partnerships go wrong, litigation often seems like the only answer. But lawsuits come with a high cost to business, both financially and in terms of lost productivity. Our first goal is to help you avoid unnecessary litigation that can be a drag on your work.

When litigation becomes necessary, however, it’s essential to have an experienced legal team in your corner. At Kaplowitz Firm, we have a deep pool of resources, with experienced litigators, trial counsel and more, all dedicated to achieving positive outcomes for you and your company. With our business-minded strategies, we can help resolve all kinds of commercial disputes—for businesses, executives and investors—in complex matters across various jurisdictions.



These days every business organization, large or small, needs to be smart about how they handle sensitive and proprietary user data. We work at the forefront of information privacy and data security and partner with companies and technical advisors in order to design, document, and implement policies and procedures. These protect the interests of our clients and enhance their brand reputations.

Privacy regulations govern the delicate balance between an individual’s right to control their personal information and a business’s legitimate interest in collecting and leveraging that information. But these regulations, and even the definition of “personal data,” can vary dramatically from one regulatory authority to another, and laws change frequently. In the face of this complex reality, we help you with the critical task of keeping up to date and compliant.

Our expertise covers the full spectrum of digital protection: data collection and processing practices, information transfer procedures, privacy policies, marketing activities and more. We’ll ensure that your business is in compliance with the patchwork of domestic and international privacy laws and following established best practices.



Securities encompass a vast number of financial instruments—shares of stock, bonds, convertible loans, options, warrants—that companies offer in order to raise capital. Likewise, securities law involves the array of state, federal and international regulations that govern the offering and issuance of these instruments.

Whether you’re well-versed in securities or a relative newcomer, our expertise will keep you in compliance and serve as the basis for sound decisions. We work primarily in private placements and issuances and represent companies looking to raise money for growth and operations as well as private funds soliciting investments.

We’ll guide you through the framework of the various exemptions and safe-harbor provisions of federal securities law and state blue sky laws so you can safely—and cost-effectively—secure the capital you need to achieve your goals.